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The Game is a game in which you cannot think of The Game. If you think of The Game, you then lose The Game. When you lose, you must say out loud "I lost The Game" and therefore, the people around you lose as well because this triggers them to think of The Game. The entire point of The Game, is to not think of the game. In a nutshell, thinking of The Game will result in a loss. You are winning The Game while you are not thinking of it, and only at that time.

You can yell it across the room, or you can post it on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you may text or call your friends to notify them of your loss, and to make them fail with you.
Liz- I lost The Game
Bridget- MOTHER FUCKER! Dick tits, you made me lose.
by DIE________TWILIGHT!! April 26, 2010

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