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the pioneer group for Bengali hip hop.....it is a new sub catigory for desi hip hop. which is hip hop music from the southern asian countries.like punjabi, hindi, bengali.some is similar to reggeaton...many of the members of Stoic Bliss live in New York City just like many people from the beautiful, tropical country of Bangladesh....the founder's name is Fuhad..AKA AQ"S finest......their first cd is called "lightyears ahead" they are a big hit in Bangladesh and the bengali and desi urban youth all over the world.......
Them boys from stoic bliss records are really determined to make there songs a hit..in both Bangladesh and USA.
by DESI BLOOOD HO April 09, 2006
A beautiful country east of India.....its makes the people of the country very very angry when called Indian or pakistani..Bengalis are usually very dark..looking like black people..they either have curly or straight hair....the main religions in the country are..islam, christianity, hinduism, or buddism.....holds the record for the world's most corruted country in the world...people of this country are known to lie and steal and kill very much..although many people are religous.....a growing country though with many great sights....has mountains and more than half of the country is islands.....also has Cox's Bazaar which is the longest beach in the world....and one of the most beautiful islands called..St. martin's island.....the big city is called Dhaka.......it is very populated, dirty, and dangerous..but the Gulshan and Dhanmondi district of the city are very modern with american-like buildings and stores...also has the Boshundara Mall which is one of the biggest in SOuth asia.....the city with the most Bengali immigrants live in New York city...mostly in Queens and Brookyln...most of the bengali youth in new york city are in gangs and are in to hip hop culture.....in bangladesh the money is called Taka...one dollar is 60 takas...so you could buy a video game with 2 dollars there!!..just like the people the language is called Bengali...the most popular sports are soccer, cricket, and basketball...so next time you go to call a bengali an indian think twice because they are way different in many ways
i hope that me and my family go to Bangladesh this summer.
by DESI BLOOOD HO April 10, 2006

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