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An entertainment show with no morals in regards to who they report about. They treat others' misery as if people want to know about it ("What is Martha Stewart doing now in jail? We've got the EXCLUSIVE details!!"). A sad show that needs to be taken off the air, and is a prime example of the stoicism in media today.
Entertainment Tonight is now running a story of how the parapalegic Terry Schiavo is supposedly bulemic right now. How dare they try to gain from a living person who is currently suffering.
by DCX Returns March 24, 2005
A guy who enjoys taking away a girl's virgin status by sexual means.
Damn, that guy did like 20 girls! He's a virgin killer!
by DCX Returns March 28, 2005
The Asian Player Hater from Chappelle's Show whose name has joined the ranks of "Pat McCrotch" and "I.P Freely".
Phyuck Yoo: "Fuck you, Hitler!"
by DCX Returns March 24, 2005
a slang term that is usually referred to be a oral sexual action
Foo, go suck 40 deep ones!
by DCX Returns March 13, 2005

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