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A public venue that is overcrowded with men. A sea of dudes! Dudes as far as the eyes can see.
When we went to the club we left because it was a BROCEAN.
by DC Chapman February 22, 2008
When you Cum in a girls eyes and proceed to steal her purse while she wipes the ejaculate from her eyes. when she regains her sight and accuses you of taking her purse you exclaim: "I am not a crook"
When I found out that she sucked my best freinds dick I was really nice to her. I took her out to dinner and a movie and when we got back to her place I gave her a FILTHY NIXON
by DC Chapman January 29, 2008
To overdose on pills. Or to be fucking one of the Olsen twins most likely Mary Kate! To have an accident-Kind of.
I told Dennis to lay off the pills before he pulled a Heath Ledger!

I told you sir, I never meant to shit on your porch it was a Heath Ledger.
by DC Chapman January 30, 2008
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