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a super smart (usually asian, like me) guy in a sweater vest, button up shirt, and glasses who spends 80% of his time studying biology and chemistry and divides the other 20% between video games, anime, Kristen Bell flicks, and popular science magazine. The geek clique is the greatest to be in cuz we have way more fun than any other group when we get together (you ain't got shit on a group of 6th grade boys religiously watching DBZ as it comes on Toonami.) Geeks are the guys living in suburbs (see Troy, MI) while stoners, punks, skaters, and jocks are the ones split-shifting at McDonalds and paying rent in "houses" that are actually former meth-labs or grow-labs in Detroit (see ghetto) as it takes a geek to be a doctor, engineer, scientist or computer software specialist.

Geek chicks are the greatest too; artificial "prep" girls and trashy stoner girls ain't got shit on them. Geek girls have an obsession with biochemistry that's as sexy as their pretty faces, their stylish glasses and their excellent figures. Also, a geek chick can quote any anime or underground rock band you can. I've loved many a geek chick in my day <3

Geeks magically transform into gods when they arrive at the promised land (aka the university)
Damn right I'm an asian geek with a Kristen Bell poster on my wall, Zelda in my SNES, a molecular biology book on the shelf, Popular Science on the coffee table, Weezer in the car stereo, and Gundam Wing in the DVD player!
by DBZintheDVD Troy, Michigan October 01, 2011

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