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A racial slur, or derogatory term usually associated with black people.
Oh my gosh, look out! That mooncricket is about to shoot you!
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008
A hot female, or male who has a tattoo on their back that makes them hot.
That girl is a hotoosh!
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008
the act of threatening to shoot someone.
Ima busta cap in yo ass!!!
by DA20 Pilot April 02, 2008
Usually referring to a black person or ape-like species with white hair on their head.
"Hey Billy, act normal."
"I think I see an egghead nigger."
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008
An abbreviation for a group of people who say "white power" which stands for "Fuck Niggers Forever."
I don't know how to become a member of FNF.
by DA20 Pilot March 20, 2008

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