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Said at the beginning of almost every song that DJ Mustard makes the beats for. Examples are: "I'm Different" by 2-Chainz, "HeadBand" by B.o.B and 2-Chainz, "My Nigga" by YG with Jeezy&Rich Homie Quan, and "R.I.P." by Young Jeezy and 2-Chainz.
At the beginning of "I'm Different" someone says, "Mustard on the beat hoe."
by D.R.E December 07, 2013
To have under control with complete confidence. Synonymous with the phrase "Got it in the Bag".
Remy: Yo Fetty, you really think you can pick up that bih tonight?

Fetty: Fasho bro, I got this sewed up dog.

Remy: Let's go nigga, bet it.
by D.R.E September 17, 2015
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