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A sambo is a coward and a turncoat. A sambo with backdown from a fight. A sambo will steal. A sambo will stab you in the back.

The term has many supposed origins, the most common coming either from the story of Little Black Sambo or the British conquest of India. Many cite the slavery days of the U.S.A., in which the term is used in the same fashion as the Indian source. The "black faces" of early U.S. entertainment are often called sambos.

A.K.A. a house nigger (as in Malcolm X's contrast of the house nigger versus the field nigger).

A.K.A. "Uncle Tom"
Turn a sambo into a soldier with just one line... - Immortal Technique (in references to rappers in general)

I heard this kid, Sambo, was a snake - a rat - stole shit and then ran away to another state... - GM Grimm (in reference to MF DOOM)
by D.R. Fatkinstein January 25, 2007

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