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1.An oriental chidren's snack. It is a chocolate fille, bite-sized,biscuit shaped in cute ways with cute panda designs on the biscuits.

2. Last ditch effort if unable to get a hold of Pepero or Pocky.
kid1: Hey. I'm kinda hungry. Got anyhting to eat?
Kid2: Well, wehave some Hello Panda in the kitchen.
Kid1: Damn man.Why the hell dont you have any Pepero orPocky? -bitch slaps kid2-
by D.J.Corny Name April 12, 2005
A great downloadable show hosted by Kevin Rose and Dan Huard (former hosts on Attack fo the Show Formerly known as The Screen Savers on G4TV formally known as TechTV). This how has "dark tips' in tech i nthe first episode they show you how to build a Warspying box..Or a Wireles Cam detector.
Man you can learn some cool shit from Systm
by D.J.Corny Name June 10, 2005
1.A total and complete idiot.

2. TWIT short for This week in Tech. A Podcating hosted by Leo Laporte,Kevin Rose, Partick Norton, and many other people from the former TechTV that has since been fired or quit. Very helpful if you want to learn about tech. the link is http://www.twit.tv/hi-b/
1.My friends.

2.You need to listen to TWIT if you miss the old TSS (The Screen Savers)
by D.J.Corny Name June 10, 2005

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