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(n.) 1. "The Man" or "Whitey"; 2. a person with little or no perspective on the important things in life; 3. one who prioritizes an expensive car and/or flashy clothes and the other trappings of success over and above his/her individuality, happiness, ethics, family, friends, pets, and basic human decency; 4. one who attempts with all their being to be something they are not in exchange for what they perceive to be personal gain, i.e. a sell out; 5. A partner (or one who aspires to be a partner) of a large international law firm or a corporate equivalent.
Don't get me started on Tim. That freakin guy, always dating girls just out of high school, driving a BMW (on lease!) wearing an Armani suit and still living in a rented apartment with two roommates, what a douche bag.

Look at that guy, 58 years old, spray on hair, already on wife and family number 3, out dancing like it was still 1977 and he's at Studio 54. He is such a flaming douche bag.

Drew Rosenhaus is a world class Douche Bag.

Blayne loves to schmooze with Bruce and the other partners, what a douche bag.
by D.B. Police November 03, 2006

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