30 definitions by D. Rodriguez

A really hairy mustache.
George's dirty sanchez is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez October 28, 2010
The best gift that the world ever received.
Nick's got a shitload of porn on his phone.
by D. Rodriguez June 15, 2011
Diarrhea that you have just before going to bed, or in the middle of the night.
I just couldn't get to sleep last night! It was like 1 a.m. and I finally could relax after I had poop sauce.
by D. Rodriguez June 24, 2012
A really hairy mustache that is NOTHING TO MAKE FUN OF, BITCHES!!!
George's Dirty Sanchez, er, I mean, hairy mustache, is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez November 02, 2010
Extreme anxiety experienced by a person, causing unexpected amounts of diarrhea.
The coffee I drank this morning, mixed with my worries of the final exam, gave me a bad case of anxiarrhea.
by D. Rodriguez June 11, 2012
Something so evil it can greatly harm your electronic device.
How does George-Alec download all that porn on his iPhone?!?
by D. Rodriguez November 07, 2010
Two girls sit and shit on the ground. On the fecal matter the girls made, you cum on it as well. After that, the girls are making snow angels in their own shit!!!
Hey, instead of making snow angels, why don't we make Hungarian snow angels???
by D. Rodriguez November 17, 2010

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