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During the 1900s, a group of Chinese men that engaged in the art of removinging their penises, for the hope that they would they would live an unsexual life. In hope that no one would even see their small penises.
tidelan penis small
by D. Rodriguez April 14, 2011
When you're on the toilet taking a shit, and you pick up that huge cup-shaped thing filled with water, wash your ass with it, and the water floods over the toilet, infested with ass juice.
I accidentally shit fountain'd myself yesterday.
by D. Rodriguez October 28, 2010
A pile of shit hanging off you ass hair that will NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER COME OFF!!!!!! EVER!!!!!
Teacher, can I be excused? I have a dingleberry!
by D. Rodriguez November 09, 2010
To put your mouth on someone's dick and suck and lick until you gag. Eventually they will reach orgasm and their cum will fill up your mouth.
I got a blowjob.
by D. Rodriguez November 11, 2010
When you plop your nutsack in someone's eye, and they grunt in disapproval. Thinking, "Fuck you bitch!" you kick them in the shin. As they are extremely pissed, limping and wearing an eyepatch, you laugh your ass right off.
I am so mad at him right now, I'd love to angry pirate him!
by D. Rodriguez November 10, 2010
A really hairy mustache.
George's dirty sanchez is getting bigger.
by D. Rodriguez October 28, 2010
1. Synonym for orgasm
2. How weird and lazy people say "come".
3. The secret ingredient for a big mac.
1. I made cum in my pants!
2. Cum 2 my house!
3. I just love the cum in my big mac!
by D. Rodriguez December 05, 2010

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