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Like a swordfight, but using your penis to attack your opponent.
They had a cockfight.
by D. Rodriguez February 05, 2011
A hilarious 1999 dirty rap song by Eminem.
My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high/The only problem was, my English teacher was a guy/I smacked him in the face with an eraser/Chased him with a stapler/And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers/Walk in the strip club/Got my jacket zipped up/Bless the bartender/Stuck my dick in her tip cup

(My Name Is...)
by D. Rodriguez November 29, 2010
When someone gives you a blowjob, then you fuck them in the ass, then stick you cock in their ear.
I gave her a Hungarian wet willie.
by D. Rodriguez December 18, 2010
A website that tricks the user into doing something (usually by creating a fake link), but when the user visits the site, the site just shows them something gross, perverted, or just plain stupid.
Some examples of shock sites are www.lemonparty.org, 2 Girls 1 Cup, www.k-k-k.com, pain olympics, and 1 man 1 jar. I have to admit though, when I think of them, I laugh so hard my heart hurts!!!!!!!! XD
by D. Rodriguez February 12, 2011
When you have anal sex with a woman and she releases demons on your dick, so BEWARE!
(Act of a smelly burrito occurring)


Aaaaaaaaaaaah! My dick!!!!!!!
by D. Rodriguez May 01, 2011
When you eagle talon a girl and she lets out a scream (possibly suggesting that they don't want to be fucked). That process is reminiscient of an eagle swooping down and screeching.
Hey, do you want to eagle talon her?

No, it'll just be an eagle talon screech!
by D. Rodriguez December 07, 2010
When a girl lays down on her stomach, a guy stands on the couch nude, jumps off the couch, and tries to place his penis in the girl's clit. Not to be confused with an eagle talon.
Kids, don't try the alaskan spear-thrower at home!
by D. Rodriguez November 14, 2010

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