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2 definitions by D. Healey

Refers to any routine, bureaucratic business office that adheres rigidly to a routine, usually small and insignificant, yet believes itself to be all-important. In the 1990s in California colleges and universities, the term originally referred to academic administrative offices peroccupied with minor, routine, or insignificant details.
The campus perfunctorium requires evidence that you had a mother before it can verify you were ever born and still eligible for more inconveniences.
by D. Healey November 07, 2011
A middle-aged married man who regularl engages in quickies between work and the barroom with under-aged women. Usually, he will dress retro surfer or a jock wear, but engages in neither surfing or sports. Exhibits the symptoms andretro- jargon of a severe mid-life crisis and may be in the process of divorcing or being divorced.
Rick's wife said he was a perfect hipster - cheetah who actually manages to call her between blowjobs and trips to the market.
by D. Healey November 07, 2011