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2 definitions by D. E. Lindner

An adjective for the ultimate irritations, describing exclusively that which is so incredibly annoying that the frustration overwhelms one's ability to articulate quite how infuriating it is.

If you can talk about it without screaming in fury, it's not hellannoying.

Hellannoying is an onomatopoeia, because it's annoying when people say "hella" under other circumstances.
#1: "The way Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly argue is hellannoying."

#2: "Having to wait to pay when you're ready to leave a restaurant is hellannoying."
by D. E. Lindner November 04, 2007
26 6
Acronym for "Failure to Google". Due diligence before using a word you don't know well, making up a new one (or a new acronym), or relating information you're not sure of.
MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis. Good choice of acronym, Microsoft founders. That is a clear case of FTG.
by D. E. Lindner March 24, 2008
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