49 definitions by D. Arse

A young, virile black man.
Damn, that Mandingo is big nigger buck!
by D. Arse February 17, 2005
Dubya's slave whore. Commonly known as a nigger bitch.
Hey Condie, you missed a spot on your chin there and you shouldn't talk with your mouth full of Dubya Dick.
by D. Arse February 12, 2005
A block of cartoons on Cartoon Network of which 4 (Family Guy, Futurama, Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force) are actually adult oriented. The anime shows are junior high school oriented material in Japan and shows that the U.S. still has a small complex about what is acceptable material in cartoons.
I watch adult swim for the hilarious U.S. cartoons, and not for the wapanese pleasing anime which they think is the Holy Grail.
by D. Arse August 26, 2004
A sexually promiscuous woman. Also called a slut.
Who hasn't broken in that crow that lives across the street? Oh, that's your mom? Sorry.
by D. Arse February 06, 2005
A short way to say the car name, "Acura".
Honey passed your car by and jumped in my Ack, cause I'm a playa!
by D. Arse December 03, 2005
A term once used to describe minority hiring quotas in America that has been transformed into the caucasian American's version of the race card in that it is used as an excuse to why minorities get something and white people don't.
Tom Hanks makes bad movies in the 80s, but becomes a AA grade actor in the 90s and gets an Oscar for Philadelphia = "He's really evolved as an actor!"

Jamie Foxx makes bad movies in the 90s, but becomes a AA grade actor in the '00s and gets an Oscar for Ray = "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!"

...I don't get it.
by D. Arse March 11, 2005
Allen Inmate, "King James" and the rest of those wannabe thugs that embarrassed the United States with their performance in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and then added further embarassment with their indifference to the whole thing.
Watch some ball games in the mid-late 80s and then watch the egocentric divas on the floor in 2005 combined with uninspired play in Athens the previous year and you can't tell me that US basketball hasn't hit rock bottom.
by D. Arse April 24, 2005

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