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When you screw around on your boyfriend with a married man and come out on top (pun intended).
John's girlfriend at work Lita'd their co-worker. John got fired a week later and his girlfriend and co-worker got a promotion! Only in America!
by D. Arse May 04, 2005
Spoken otomatopeia that indicates when something has gone over the listener's head.
A: This movie is so gay!
B: There are no homosexuals in this movie.
A: Whoosh!
by D. Arse December 15, 2005
A term used for videogames that require a great amount of time to be invested in them. A defining characteristic of a time sink is that due to the immersiveness of the game, the time spent playing these games feels small when in reality, the gamer has been playing for hours.
Do NOT play Civilization 4 or Oblivion. Those games are such time sinks that when you finsih, you'll be paying for your next game with your retirement checks.
by D. Arse June 03, 2006
French Canadian attempt at anime, complete with enigmatic Japanese girl, superficial girl, twist headband guy, and a shitload of dorks. At least it isn't a 100% sellout cartoon like Teen Titans.
If you want to copy anime, at least get the spellings right! LYOKO shouldn't have an "L" as there is no "L" in Romanicized Japanese.
by D. Arse August 05, 2004
A "strategy" in fighting games where a person just presses buttons and moves the joystick to bust out random moves due to their lack of skill or knowledge of the game.
That Wolverine player keeps doing a M.Punch stab, jumps , and Tornado Claws. What a flailer.
by D. Arse December 24, 2005
British English slang. It means to mug someone.
The boys needed beer money, so they koshed an Irishman on his way to the bar.
by D. Arse January 13, 2005
Acronym for "Thank You, Drive Through". A facetious internet acronym used after answering easy questions or after making a smartass look like a dumbass.
Poster #1: Did you ever think the reason I'm fat is because I'm genetically predisposed to it?

Poster #2: No, it's because you eat too damn much. TYDT!
by D. Arse August 13, 2007
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