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A genre of television show that picked up steam within the last decade. In this genre, the leaders and/or principal parts that require someone to be strong-willed and concientious are played by women. All men in the show are flawed either morally, physically, or mentally and are always a step below and behind their female counterparts.
Xena: Warrior Princess
Battlestar Galactica 2k4
Birds of Prey
Almost all David E. Kelley shows.
by D. Arse April 02, 2005
Stands for Pot, Kettle, Black. Used as an abbreviation on USENET and message boards to point out hypocracy.
When he called me a hopeless virgin, the PKB meter exploded.
by D. Arse September 22, 2004
The pinnacle of patheticness. These people take it on themselves and believe it is their obligation to preserve the "morality" of the internet by (and not limited to):
- telling others what is right and wrong in the form of a flame.
- emailing board mods to take action aganist the member of a board because they did something they didn't like (i.e. getting owned in an arguement)
- emailing ISP abuse emails to rat on a person because they don't like what they are posting or saying.
They have the deluded thought that by doing this that they will leave their mark on the Internet and have users singing their praises. However, the real world doesn't work that way, they get flamed by everyone, and because things don't work out the way they expect, their mind can't handle it and they begin the downward spiral into becoming a kook.
Netcops are pathetic SOBs that haven't gotten past the egocentric and tattle-tale stage of development. Bellvue always needs new customers...give 'em your worst!
by D. Arse September 11, 2005
The Ultimate dinner faux pas. It involves eating sushi (or something else you don't like) and then puking the contents onto the person next to you. Its origins come from when George Bush Sr. visited Japan, ate sushi, and ended up puking all over the prime minister. In Japan, it is known as Bushu-suru.
I'll order the Escargot as long as you don't do a Bush.
by D. Arse August 22, 2004
Someone that shallowly idolizes and apologizes for celebrities just because they are celebrities in the hope that they can one day be lifted to their iconic level. They are the Hollywood version of a fanboy.
Paris Hilton got famous by being born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She then gathers "fans" through getting drunk at the most lavish and expensive bars across the world and being caught having sex and idiotic things on tape and those fans support, apologize, and minimize her antics. They truly are starfuckers.
by D. Arse February 13, 2008
A term used to describe a universal solution a person uses for any problem they encounter. Usually used when a person can't construct a good debate as a last resort.
"Sexism" for feminists and chauvinists.

"Racism" for anyone that has a problem with someone that has a different skin color than them.
by D. Arse May 17, 2005
Another name for NBA star Kobe Bryant.
In Eagle, Colorado the women wear tight jeans, for they fear the wrath of Rapeman!
by D. Arse January 23, 2005

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