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Inner Spanktum (noun): The deepest bowels of the Spanktuary, sought out for utmost privacy and peace. Usually a bedroom bathroom.
1.) I had to go deep into the Inner Spanktum of my Spanktuary because the in-laws were over for dinner again.

2.) "I need somewhere to jerk off peacefully, they'll never find me in my Inner Spanktum."
by D Willy May 17, 2010
verb. -ˈsnæzgæzəm- colloquialism

The biochemical reaction that takes place in ones loins after bearing witness to something outrageously fashionable and/or eloquently flashy; Usually caused by an outfit or particularly stylish article of clothing.
Man 1: "Hey, did you see Rob's new fedora?"

Man 2: "Yeah, I barely caught a glimpse before my groin began to spasm in ecstasy."

Man 1: "Well, boy howdy! You must've had a snazzgasm!"
by D Willy March 25, 2010

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