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3 definitions by D Sanchez/D Money/DVon

Originating in the quaint (Read: small) town of Squamish, British Columbia, the Foreskin Posse contains most people who are not circumcised (so anyone that still has their foreskin). As for women, they are members of the Foreskin Posse if they prefer men that are uncircumcised. The abbreviation is 4SP. 4SP people are typically more relaxed people than the alternative, and they also have more fun (it's been proven through years of surveys and government testing). On the other hand, the C4L (Cut for Life) typically tend to be more uptight than 4SP, and also are more often stoners (from my experience, anyway). C4L = Mutilated Penis.
"Doctor, what the hell were you doing in my house last night?" "Excuse me?" "Please doctor, i have have photographic evidence right here" (Holds up pictures of a hole in his basement wall that was obviously caused by me punching it when i was drunk) "First the beheadings in iraq... and now this! I'm on to you!" "...get the hell out of my office."
by D Sanchez/D Money/DVon July 19, 2004
42 18
Abbreviation for Foreskin Posse, although sometimes used to refer to one's foreskin itself.
I hate it when sometimes when you get a new pair of boxers, they leave that fuzz under your 4SP.
by D Sanchez/D Money/DVon July 19, 2004
7 2
Double Anal without the use of any lubrication. When done porperly, this should leave the woman's anal torn wide as the sky, flowing blood like a warm torrential downpour.
Dirty Sanchezes may be a game, but Double Dry is a way of life...
by D Sanchez/D Money/DVon July 19, 2004
3 9