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A declaration of achievement or victory, esp. when engaged in any form of improvisational lyricism or activities of the sort.
I battle any sex or any race;
You beating me is like Billy Crystal playing Scarface;
I can't see it, I'm blind to the eyes;
I came up in your face, Oops-Pow Suprise! Oh!
by D Lip March 09, 2005
(n.) One who is of Jewish and Latino origin. Also describes Jewish immigrants to Latin American countries.
A married couple was from Poland, but moved to Nicaragua. They lived there for many years, and their son was born and lived there before moving to the United States. He is considered a Jewtino.

A man's parents are from El Salvador and a father's parents are Jews from New York. They marry and have a child. That child is a Jewtino.

Derek Lipkin is a Jewtino.
by D Lip April 13, 2004

for a person, place, or thing to be deficient of coolness; an action that is very displeasing to one party
Dude #1: Hey man, that new Hillary Duff movie made me want to die.
Dude #2: Yeah dude, I agree, it was hella lameballs.

Dude #1: Sup homie, what's up in the news?
Dude #2: Nothing, just got back from doing it with your mom.
Dude #1: Dude, that is hella lameballs. You suck.
by D Lip November 17, 2004
Lipkin is a name of Russian descent, not a sexual act. Whoever uses it as a term for sex or a specific sexual act is horribly wrong.
Derek Lipkin is a name, not a man who does a specific disgusting sexual act.
by D Lip October 10, 2004

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