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If you come to bradenton, you may get easily get sucked into the drug dealers way of life since it is such a lucrative "business" in this town. There are rich neighborhoods all over the place that lie within 2 miles of a street full of trap houses. Finding any drug you could think of in this town is as easy as going to the shell station on cortez and asking the first person you see.Beer is sold at every store located here, including all grocery stores and even the 3 Super Walmarts. Everyone knows everyone and everyone also knows atleast 3 people that died of a drug overdose in Bradenton. Homeless crackheads lie on ever main intersection holding up cardboard signs saying, "I'm not gonna lie I need BEER" Bradenton is full of good green, good drugs, hot crazy girls and out of control parties. If you move here you will leave either a convicted felon, alcoholic, drug dealer, drug addict or former member of mantee glens. The Walmarts, Target, AppleBees,Bada-Bings, The Distllery and the Peek A Boo are among the "hot-spots" in B-Town. If you were born and raised here, you are most likely not one to be messed with and the girls here are some of the most "gangster" you will find.
Meet me at the BP on 30th street and cortez in bradenton.
by D Dizzle1 July 24, 2008
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