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A scale used to rate members of the opposite sex,accompanied by forming the thumb and forefinger of both hands into 'L' shapes and raising them in a series of stages while saying Fhi-h-h-h-it! up to a maximum of 5 times.

The scale:
1. Fit: attractive, would happily go out with.
2. Fhi-it: Very attractive, would boast and show pictures to friends if going out with.
3. Fhi-h-it!: Extremly attractive and totaly out of our league.
4. Fhi-h-h-it!!!:'(: Supermodel, someone we'll never be allowed close to.
5. Fhi-h-h-h-it!!?!?!: Impossible, people just arent made this good.

For more information on the nuances of the scale feel free to e-mail.
Hey Dave, what would you give that girl over there by the bar, in the pink top?

Wow! she's got to be at least a high two on the F.I.T. scale, wait untill she turns round
by D C Gray September 24, 2006

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