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A quick, and almost violent pull of the male penis, which brings instant ejaculation after the first pull. Typically done after a long night at a strip club where your genitals have been aroused for several hours with no satisfaction.
For a second, the young man thought to himself, I'm going to need to home and perform the One Ham Slam when I get home after being around my friends sister all night.
by D Bokeyno August 14, 2008
A really quick masturbation session, less then one minute. Normally performed in haste in someone else's house while pretendig to use the bathroom. Not to be confused with the "One Ham Slam" that can occur with just one, quick and almost violent pull of the male penis to reach ejaculation.
He only looks happy because he just pulled off the one, two monkey punch in the mall bathroom after seeing your hot Mom.
by D Bokeyno August 14, 2008
Being forced to change ones cell phone number or email address due to being consistently contacted by undesired parties or persons, such as ex-lovers.
Since I was getting so much spam, I just had to refresh my email address.
by D Bokeyno August 14, 2008
The cause of Princess Diana's death.
She died from a serious case of carpool tunnel syndrome; except she didn't know it until it was too late.
by D Bokeyno August 13, 2008
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