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A question that sits after all of the depressing mystery solving leaves us wondering What would Scooby do? To be honest this shit has got to be frustrating chasing around creeps everyday.
What would Scoob do?

1. Buy a bottle of Jack
2. Take a few shots of 180 proof Vodka
3. Hit Dort Highyway in Michigan for Prostitutes
4. Get Laid

This is all of what Scoob will do.
by D Blake December 10, 2010
Anyone one who lies to someone relationship wise and leads them on for a long or short period of time making the other individual believe that there will be something special in the near future between them.
Habitu-ceitful: A woman lies to a man telling him that she likes him and uses him for comfort and then she finds another guy and crosses that guy out of her life and makes it seem like there isn't a problem when there really is a issue.
by D Blake December 08, 2010
A Mexican woman's vagina
Pako taco- Mexican woman's vagina that has the color of a taco shell with toppings such as shredded cheese, whip or sour cream.
by D Blake November 23, 2010
Mexican Orgy Party Taken place in or out doors.
Fiesta Estilo multiple numbers of Mexicans having sex with each other in the same room at the same time.
by D Blake November 23, 2010

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