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A disorder which keeps people from having successful social interactions, and poor motor skills, and various other shit. They however carry on skill such as obssession with a certain subject to an extent, although very few people have such an obbession.

Most people with this are like those loners that stand or sit at lunch by themselves in school, or those people getting bullied everyday, or a those people that live with their moms and dads after dropping out of college, or those homeless people that ask for money out of tourists pockets.

The lucky ones however, those that can miraclously learn how to socially interact and make friends easily can live a normal life while those who aren't as lucky end up as lonely criminals, drug dealers, terrorists, homeless, and poor people.
Asperger's Syndrome is one of the causes of poverty in the industrialized world.
by D Baggerd September 26, 2006

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