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3 definitions by D£V!L

Boo! is:
- To scare people very much.

And exist Boo to, that means:
- Scare people, but not veryyyy scary.
- Girlfriend or boyfriend.

Justin: Sam, where are you?
*Sam comes and Justin don't sees her*
Sam: Boo!
Justin: Holy sh*t!


Justin: Sam, wanna be my boo?
Sam: No f*ckin' way!
by D£V!L November 01, 2008
CS2D means Counter Strike 2D.
It can be wroted CS 2D to.
It's the 2D clone of the most famous war game ever: CS (Counter Strike)
2D CS is created by Unreal Software.
3D CS is created by Valve Software.
John: Wanna play CS2D?
Bill: ye! ill pwn ya!
by D£V!L November 01, 2008
It means "Oh My Fuckin' God!" It's a cybernetic and instant messaging word, it's a modification of OMG (Oh My God).
Justin: Man, my grandma died!
Alex: Really!? OMFG!

by D£V!L October 27, 2008