12 definitions by D$

1. When your doin a chick in the butt and she farts and some shit comes out with the fart and gets all over your dick.
1. Man, me and geena try somethin new last night but it was bad because she fucking gave me a fartfanugen
by D$ March 23, 2005
Discrimination Against Retards. Very popular group in rural areas where retards get all the attention and normal people don't.
Guy 1: Those retards are gettin all the attention because they bake cookies.
Guy 2: We have got to join D.A.R.!
by D$ March 28, 2005
1. A chick thats such a slut she will give sex in any situation, sober or not, to any guy
GUY 1: Dude! That chick is a skank!
GUY 2: Your wrong there buddy, shes worse, shes a morneault.
by D$ March 25, 2005
Can be used as any noun.

Most common definitions are:

1. A slang terminology for a crackwhore

3. Any amount of crack

4. To be sodomized

5. The posterior opening of the butt canal

6. Something worthless and stupid; bullshit

7. Beyond believe or understanding
mina dont trip: i can get an 8 ball for 140 dollars
fake nose: man, i dunno about you anymore mina
fake nose: youre turning into a chae

You fucking chae!

Fuck that chae.

I took the biggest chae after school today.

Eat a chae and die.

Knife Extortion: Niggz textbook traitors - force fed voices
FistFightToDeath: chris that songs chae

Knife Extortion: Chris, I chaed your azn grandma
christ le album: chris
christ le album: that was chae

DrewspaBaranski: how chae of you

christ le album: so i fucked the chae
Knife Extortion: Did you fuck her in the chae or in the naly?

Knife Extortion: DUDE
Knife Extortion: You chaed CHAE herself?
Knife Extortion: Sick, fucker
by d$ January 19, 2005
A really shitty school were nothing ever goes on on Friday nights and we get pissed so we drive 2.5 hours to BG where one of my friends gets an underage for peeing behind a building!! And that's all because of Kent State!
That damn Kent State ruined my life!!
by D$ December 04, 2004

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