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When used as an adjective, emo generally refers to an individual who is either over-emotional or tends to exaggerate situations. For example, you may call someone emo for crying over something that really doesn't merit crying. However, it is good to use the word withcaution because it generally carries a negative connotation.
Girl: Nobody loves me, my friends aren't really my friends, nobody cares about me, I'm all alone, I'm always so caring of other people and no one cares about me, I'm so selfless!!!!....etc.

emo (adjective)
by Cyrus Vyle August 22, 2007
The hardest difficulty in the popular Xbox games Halo and Halo 2. Only to be attempted by people who have memorized enemy movements and reactions and are extremely patient and don't mind dying a few hundred times before getting to the next check point.
Holy shit dude, the snipers in legendary are fuckin' cheap as hell. I've died like 700 times.
by Cyrus Vyle December 20, 2006

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