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To shamelessly copy from someone else and claim you did it first.
I can tell this english paper has been iOS 7'd by several students.

I can't believe that he iOS 7'd my new hair style.

He was caught trying to iOS 7 my test.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks November 10, 2013
A custom rom that's better than the stock rom.
I flashed CyanogenMod 10.1 on my Kindle Fire. It is so much better now!

It didn't take long for Apple to copy CyanogenMod and call it iOS 7.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks November 10, 2013
A squirrel in a blender.
There are good artists and then there's Justin Bieber.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks November 30, 2013
The act of being fat.
She ate 5 burgers!

What a Choji.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks December 01, 2013
An electronic component used to store electrical energy.
I replaced the capacitors in my radio.
by CyanogenMod10Rocks March 09, 2014

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