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Arrested by the police. Comes from the common frequency band for police radios. Seen in S01E01 of HBO series 'The Wire'
"He got 851 this morning"
by CyOp99 December 01, 2011
Exclusive group of people who have had sex on an air mattress.
Dude, air mattress was great last night. Sorry about your kitchen.

No problem, I heard you joining the 8-inch-high club. Go clean my kitchen.
by CyOp99 December 09, 2011
To hold no particular gang affiliation.
Who do you run with?
Nah, I fly solo?
by CyOp99 January 22, 2012
Michael Jordan playing for the Washington Wizards, when he was old and could not perform like the 'Air Jordan' of his earlier career with the Bulls.
Jordan on a breakaway, and it's a lay-up for Floor Jordan
by CyOp99 December 04, 2011
Insufflating cocaine off of a vagina. Often a precursor, augmentation or addendum to cunnalingus.
Person 1: "I felt some strange things going on down there and he told me he was going to do a line of coke off my vagina."
Person 2: "Oh, the Snow Clam."
by CyOp99 December 03, 2011
(n) Colloquial pseudonym for the town of Norwood Massachusetts. More commonly used factiously as a term of endearment than the diminutive use the name might suggest.
1. Couldn't afford to go into the city, so we just ended up drinking Busch Lattes in Poorwood.

2. I was driving through South Poorwood today...
by CyOp99 December 09, 2011
Snorting cocaine (insufflation) off of a vagina.
Person 1: "Things got a little weird when he tried to do a line of coke off my vagina."
Person 2: "Ahh, the old Snow Clown."
by CyOp99 December 03, 2011
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