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Mr. Verl - A Pirate with the ability to confuse even the most common of humans.

Can commonly be heard spouting the word "woooo"
"Verl, stfu. STOP SAYING WOOO!"
by CyN July 20, 2003
Excessive, reckless, self-centered use of sexual behavior that "doesn't count" because one or both partners are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or meglomania. The "disorder" often targets the spouses/partners of friends. Guilt, self-loathing and further promiscuity is the result...thus an endless cycle ensues.Merry-Go-Pound
Anne's Sexual Bulimia has resulted in the destruction of all significant relationships. Her fear of being alone and invisible leads to Fear-fucking as a feeble attempt to acquire a new social circle, this becomes a Merry-Go-Pound
by Cyn March 18, 2004

Makes you ph34r teh chicken.
"Oh noes, Kay0909 is going to bomb my house!"
by CyN July 20, 2003
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