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Special type of brightly lit, ultra clear glass encasement for displaying Asian delicacies such as ducks and sings.
Sh@nny's duckdow was destroyed in the office Jihad.
by Cwips February 12, 2004
A survey which focuses on the consumption of ducks and sings, detailing preferred selection method, cwispiness and skin colour.
I was wondering if you'd like to take part in a durvey?
A durvey? (laughter in background) Sounds interesting.
by Cwips February 15, 2004
Synonym for norman sheun. Also a hen that doesn't like mash.
Is a no mash hen there?

No, can't help you there.
by Cwips February 04, 2004
A report filled out by office staff upon returning from the snap trap. Details physical and sensual characteristics of the excretions.
I just went and snapped one.
Have you filled out a report yet?
It will be on your desk after lunch.
by Cwips February 05, 2004
What Endorphous says when he gets angry instead of "No I don't"
I've heard that you sometimes use that name.

Nobbo Obbo Dobbo
by Cwips February 04, 2004
Endorphous occasionally answers his mobi pho with this phrase. It's true meaning is not known, however the term was coined around the same time as "a nailed christ hand" & "on claw towel gin".
A Steam Dream Beam Cream.
Hi,is Norman there?
He's gone.
by Cwips February 15, 2004
The physical act of having a crap. Using your sphincter to cut the cable as it protrudes from your arse, or just letting it break off under it's own weight.
Christ, I need to go snap one before I shit myself.
by Cwips February 08, 2004
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