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The art of anime/ manga. The term derived from the name Hideki Tojo, the 40th prime minister of Japan and perpetrator of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Tojo was later used as racist term for those of Japanese decent.

Doodling is to scribble or draw poorly.

Hence poorly drawn Japanese cartoons.
Did you see those nerds reading their filthy Tojo Doodles.
by Curtis Lemar April 05, 2010
The contemporary version of a 16th or 17th Century witch hunt. The art of chasing down goths, Wiccans, and/or emos, and beating them mercilessly. Inquisitions are usually undertaken by those who are sick of their "witch shit." Proper garb for a true member of the inquisition is an all black or crimson robe adorned with a cross to drive the heathens away and preventing retaliation. Inquisitors also frequently carry bats, crossbows and sledgehammers to hunt down their quasi undead, soon to be dead prey.
Tonight I am organizing an inquisition, we are going to raid the cafe and the indie bookstore up the street.
by Curtis Lemar April 21, 2010

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