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Someone who doesn't engage in cunnilingus; comes from Oliver Cromwell's 15th century ban on mince-meat pie.
She reportedly cheated on her husband because he was a Cromwell.
by Curtis X Meyer December 08, 2010
The opposite of the prefixes “a-” and “for(e).”


Ehead / Eward – Backwards. (The opposite of “ahead” and “forward.”)

Eway – A close distance or direction. (Opposite of “far” and “away.”)

Eshadowing – Looking at events that have transpired in attempt to make sense of them (Opposite of “Foreshadowing.” )

Eloof - To be grounded. (Opposite of “aloof”.)

Eboding - A feeling that only good things can come. (Opposite of “foreboding.”)

Eproximate – 1. To be completely opposite. 2. To separate by distance or difference. (Opposite of “approximate.”)
Uses of E – (as a prefix):

E – (as a prefix): "This job is nothing but two steps forward, one step ehead."

E – (as a prefix): "My dear, come eway so that I may examine you."

E – (as a prefix): "Blaming Marilyn Manson for the shooting at Columbine High School and the US / Afghani relations on the events of 9-11 are cases of dramatic eshadowing."

E – (as a prefix): "As a workaholic, she has absolutely no time in her life to be anything short of completely eloof."

E – (as a prefix): "An optimist must always carry with him an invincible sense of eboding."
by curtis x meyer November 08, 2010
An object or possession that exemplifies one's swagger; inspired by the "aggro-crag" of Nickelodeon's "Guts."
Your chain is nice, but my Daria t-shirt is aggro-swag.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
A derogatory term for a hanger-on in one's entrourage, usually pertaining to the groups of individuals that follow rappers or rock bands.
Yo, you the weed man?
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
1) A woman who is unsuccessful at her attempts to have sex with any number of her straight male friends.

2) An unintentional groupie; someone who goes out of the way to prove she is "one of the boys" in attempt to be seen as sexual attractive; in a derogatory sense, it can be synonymous with "tomboy"
April O'Neil is a total swag hag.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
An unattractive person; a retort to the expression, "Every pot has its lid."
Oohwee! That's girl's a skillet!
by Curtis X Meyer December 08, 2010
(Comes from Dr. Seuss' story "The Lorax.")

1) A derogatory term for hippies and / or tree-huggers.

2) A derogatory term for vegans.
Toufurkey? There's no way you're getting me to eat that lorax garbage.
by Curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
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