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N. The largest city in Canada located on Lake Ontario with a population of 4 million in the greater area
1.Very clean & efficient subway and transit comission
2.Very Safe for a North American City of its size
3.Strong civic Economy
4.Home to Major league baseball, basketball and hockey
5.Very Nice summers
6.World Class train station
1.There are a lot of immigrants including but not limited to Jamacans who try to emulate New York City culture and believe they live repressed post slave lives of African Amercans even though they live in the world's most accepting country and they are probably on welfare.
2. Downtown has the most lousy architecture in the West
3.There are lots of limpwrists, metrosexuals and sex maniacs
4. There is an attitude that Toronto is superior to the rest of Canada even though cities like Montreal and Vancouver deliver where Toronto falls short.
5. They try too hard to be like an American city while hating the USA at the same time
6. Gangster wanna bees think calling it T.dot is hardcore. They think they are tough until they go to L.A., Miami, Detroit or D.C. and get torn to shit because they're all boys in a mans world.

Toronto has a lot to offer but it is not as world class as it thinks it is and it is a poser city.
* Yo mon look at me fool I ride the Finch ave 36 D bus in tha T.dot because I'm on welfare and I hate White Boys even though they let me immigrate to this land so I can smoke ganja and wear mecca.

* The 1992/93 Toronto blue jays were a damn good club
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by Curt Miller April 11, 2006
N. A girl that usually sits at the back of a greyhound bus or any coach bus and talks out loud about how she takes it in the cornholio and how she is dying for cock. Sometimes she will even offer sex to a male stranger sitting close to her and when he rejects the slut, she gets all offended and promises that she doesn't have aids.

Similar to the Mile High Club only its on a greyhound so your dick is 1000x more likely to fall off or turn to mildew.
Ya so i'm taking a bus from Toronto and this houndwhore that goes to a private school asks me if I wanna fuck straight up. So I tell the bitch fuck that shit I don't wanna die i'm only 20 know what i'm sayin.
#whore #cunt #bus #greyhound #private school #skank #filth
by Curt Miller April 12, 2006
N. The best city in Alberta. Fuck Wait. The best mother fuckin city in Canada period.

Calgary beats the living shit out of butfuck Edmonton. The Saddledome is ill, olympic park is a beaty, you can see the rockies, the C train gets you from A to B and the Stamps are gonna do it one of these years. Plus the Calgary Stampede is dope.

I've only been once but the girls are generally nice clean and well raised upper middle class that dress nice as fuck and are just straight up hot. It is also a clean town with lots to do and it isn't full of left wing hippies like other big cities. That is why it beats the fuck out of dirty cesspools like Toronto.

Calgary rocks
* If you're a straight cowboy, you'll like Calgary. If you're one of em brokeback queerballs I reckon you head east for Toronto.
#calgary #alberta #western #hot girls #money
by Curt Miller April 11, 2006
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