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It's when your farts somewhat resemble the smell of your food you ate a couple of hours ago. There are many different scents to farts depending on what you eat. These kind of farts may smell a little pleasing to you but totally foul to everyone around you.
Food Fart moment:

Dude 1: *Farts* Mmm burrito fart!

Dude 2: OMFG!!! It smells so disgusting! I'm never chilling with you on the days you chose to go to Taco Bell ever again. *Runs out of the room covering his nose*
by Cursing_Is_Fun December 08, 2010
Those funny times in middle school when you would say half of a curse word and then your friend would say the other half. This would usually occur during class while the teacher was trying to teach the class his or her lesson.
Halfway Cursing:

Student 1: Fu...
Student 2: ck!

Student 1: Shi...
Student 2: t!

Student 1: Cu..
Student 2: nt!!
by Cursing_Is_Fun December 06, 2010
Those times when you buy a new Calander before New Years. This is usually done a day or two after Christmas.
Person 1: Hey lets go Calendar Shopping. I need to get a new Calander before New Years.

Person 2: Aight. I'm gonna get me one of those FHM calandars.
by Cursing_Is_Fun December 29, 2010
Those times when you use your bathtub to heat your sink. A lot of times when one washes their hands at the sink and turns the water on hot, nothing but cold water comes out of the faucet. By letting the water in the bathtub run for about 10-15 seconds, the water heats up. Then you turn off the water in the bathtub, run your water on hot at the sink, and in a couple of seconds, you have hot water running at the sink.
Normally when the Bathtub Sink Effect is not done, you can run the sink water for minutes and get nothing but cold water even though you have it on hot.
by Cursing_Is_Fun December 13, 2010
When you have another chair other than the computer chair positioned near your computer. You can use a wooden chair as a cover up by placing drinks on it. And then when nobody is home, you swap out your computer chair with the wooden chair so that you don’t get any jizz stains on the computer chair while jacking off. If you accidently jizz on the wooden chair, it doesn’t leave a stain and you can clean it very easily.
All right! Nobody is home...I’m going to pull off the computer chair swap out and masturbate to some porn.
by Cursing_Is_Fun July 14, 2011

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