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3 definitions by Currier

An Austronesian language from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi with approximately 10,000 native speakers.
I'm gonna bonerate your mom in the armpit til she dies of from a mixture of blood loss and sexual pleasure.
by Currier January 08, 2012
1. A slur for a non-transhumanist.

2. Someone who fails to transcend, and indeed ciscends, or exhibits ciscendant behavior.

3. A slur for a theistic, spiritual, or religious person.
Look at you, eating Pinkberry like a fucking trog. I bet you've never even burned down a church for sport, you candy ass ciscendant motherfucker.
by currier July 22, 2012
the act of throwing your own ejaculate at someone, most often at their face.
Monkeying, that's shitting in your hand and throwing it at someone.
Buttercupping, thats farting on your hand and cupping it over someone's face.
Punking, that's the apotheosis of bodily fluid weaponization.

"Aaaaargh, my eyes!"
"You just got punked, bitch."
by Currier December 08, 2011