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High school located in Mishawaka, IN. Known as one the of the roughest high schools in Northern Indiana, Mishawaka High is a place where 7 out of 10 female students are pregnant, and STD's run rampant. Any kind of drug that one desires can be readily accessed. It is home to an extremely diverse student body consisting of everything from emo kids,to preps, gangster,and cornfed hillbillies. the Enrollment rate is roughly 1700 at the beginning of each year and by the end of the year is somewhere around 1000. If you are rich or conceited you will most likely get your ass beat.

Side Note...Dont blame any misspelled words or grammer errors on me...I attended Mishawaka HIgh School
Penn Student: Did you see that article in the Newspaper about Mishawaka High School?

Mishawaka Student: No, I can't read.
by Current Student June 17, 2007
"W&L" George Washington. Robert E. Lee. We work hard and play harder. The majority of the student body is white, rich, Greek, and a bit on the snobby side. Pearls, sandals and popped collars are worn all year round. 15th in the nation. #1 for beer and liquor. We're trying to recruit more minorities - we've got a lot of internationals but not so many black kids. We have honor and we miss THE TRIDENT.
Girl 1: "So, you're going to be going to Washington & Lee University to party it up in Lex Vegas next year?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, my dad went there and I'm too pretty to waste my time at UVA. That, and it's practically Ivy League."

"We're not snobs, we're just better than you." (This is actually printed on a Washington and Lee University t-shirt.
by Current Student March 02, 2006
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