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This term of failure is used to describe when a person tries to fit into the mainstream (or substream) population by imitating other people and fails epically. Also known as a copycat failure.
Guy A: I bought this new Avenged Sevenfold shirt after I saw you liked them.

Guy or Girl B: That's a complete RoudaFail.
by Curoar Tsuma July 08, 2009
1. The act of sabotaging everyone else just to spite them when losing a game.
2. Being incredibly defense of the sabotaging actions
3. Launching a personal attacks when any minor actions are challenged.
Guy 1: I'm about to beat your high score on this incredibly difficult game.

Guy 2: turns off system Not anymore.

Guy 1: You're pulling a Justin.
by Curoar Tsuma August 01, 2009

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