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A movie that contains the following:

-Atrocious acting skills

-Horrible music/soundtrack

-Painfully overused "stars"

-A crappy, over-predictable, unoriginal plot (some girl goes to camp an falls in love with a guy...God forbid that Disney doesn't mention love!)

-The ability to somehow screw up the minds of teenage girls (a lot of Disney's crap has this ability nowadays :|)

This list could extend for hours, but to put it bluntly... It's just another one of Disney's garbage productions. It did what Twilight did to literature, it did what the Jonas Brothers did to music and it just...sucks
Stephanie (Camp Rock fangirl): OMgZz!!1! CAmP ROcK IZz TeH BESt MOveeIE EVER!!!1!

Anton (Neutral on the subject): *shrugs* say what you will...I don't really have a comment...Some of it sucked, but other parts i found to be OK at best

John (Camp Rock hater): Seriously?...Camp Rock?...It sucked, I wonder how our teacher could have rented that crap

Stephanie: WTTtTFFfFZZzzZ!!!!!1!!eleven!1 ThAAt WasSS thE BEsT MOOviEeE EvARR!!!! IT hAD THe JONaS BRotHErss IN iT ANd THe ACTinGZ WUs SooOOOo GoOD!!1!

John: No, it just sucked...No questions asked
by Cup o Coffee February 09, 2010
An extremely annoying phrase chanted by fans (Predominantly female fans) of the Jonas Brothers. The fans use it just about everywhere whether it be on YouTube, Forums or FaceBook... Hell, they even scream it in person
JB Fan: OmGZ HI!!!1! PEACE LOVE JONAS!1!1!!1

Intelligent Person: You JB fans are all the same :|
by Cup o Coffee January 28, 2010

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