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4 definitions by Cuffy Meigs

1. A member of an ideological camp that defines socialism as a form of totalitarian secular feudalism; an advocate for the management of non-Leftist people as farm animals
"When the Leftist tried to convince me that North Korea had the only true and just form of socialism on earth, I gave up on trying to talk rationally with him and just walked away."
by Cuffy Meigs December 28, 2005
1. An advertising symbol for the McDonald's corporation, consisting of a red-headed clown that is friendly to children.
2. What the Ronald McDonald House is named after.
3. A hate fetish for college age neo-Marxist fruitcakes. See "McSpotlight".
"Looks like the protestors broke into a McDonald's restaurant and hanged a Ronald McDonald statue from a tree again."
by Cuffy Meigs December 28, 2005
A popular American fast food restaurant with a worldwide appeal and presence. Hated by college Marxists because it represents the triumph of capitalism and consumer choice.
"Hey - let's go trash a McDonald's after we finish our BUSH=HITLER pro-Saddam protest march!"
by Cuffy Meigs December 28, 2005
1. An ideology that advocates mass murder in the name of social justice, autocracy in the name of democratic fairness, slave labour camps in the name of proletarian liberation, a rigid social caste system in the name of a classless society, and general social destitution in the name of material prosperity
2. A proto-Nazi
"Marxists explain that the Vietnamese Empire was forced to annex Cambodia to save it from their Khmer Rouge allies, but I still don't get why they had to annex Laos as well."
by Cuffy Meigs December 28, 2005