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The act of fucking one girls ass then fucking a second girl's vagina with out showering between
I dirty dicked my girlfriend last night, after i got done fucking some dumb broad in the ass i tottaly fucked her with out washing up first
by Cuddle Bear December 31, 2004
A term used for the children of mixed families usually white/black/mexican mix. or and variation that includes three or more races.
My damn neighbor is an imbred-halfbreed honyak.
by Cuddle Bear December 31, 2004
Female Fat Admirer. A female with a preference/attraction to big guys; see also BHM
"I wonder if this cute gal who *was* eyeing me and is now rubbing my big belly is an FFA? Either I'm a lucky guy or I am being mistaken for a walking, talking fat Buddha."
by Cuddle Bear January 18, 2004
Iraqi word for nigger, yeah they hate them too.
My neighbor is a fuckin honyak
by Cuddle Bear December 31, 2004
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