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A true Punk Rocker.

One who knows that Republicans and Libertarians stand for a smaller Government, i.e. Minarchy or Ararchy which mean little or no Government, and letting people live how THEY want to. Which has always been what Punk has stood for.

And knows that the Democrats stand for a bigger Government, i.e. Socialism and Communism which mean that the Government will control everything and make you LIVE LIKE THEY WANT YOU TO. Which has always been what Punk is against.
liberal punk: To hell with Republicans and Libertarians! They are everything we stand against! Go Obama!

conservative punk: Uh dude, you know that Democrats, Socialists and Communists stand for a bigger Government which will make us live how they WANT us to right? Thats why I didn't vote for him, I'm for what Punk TRUELY stands for: freedom and individuality.

liberal punk: Your right, I'm such a poser...

conservative punk: Yeah, you are. But don't feel bad, you can still change.
by Cuban Punk Rocker November 12, 2009

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