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Properly written "Star Seed." Sailor Moon reference, specifically the Stars season (year 5). A tiny, glowing crystal that represents the vital force and purity of its owner. Galaxia (the main villainess) is after these for galactic domination, but ordinary Star Seeds have very little shine and quickly turn black when separated from their owners. Said owners then become "Phage Senshi," who must be wounded critically and healed by Eternal Sailor Moon's second-tier healing magic.

Active Star Seeds do not fade to black upon removal from their hosts, and are sources of great power. As far as we know, only a planet's Senshi possess these. It is possible to live without a Star Seed, if you are given strong enough magic (as in Galaxia's bracelets). Active Star Seeds can apparently also take on different forms; Galaxia's Star Seed became a young girl who called herself ChibiChibi, for example.
Losing your Star Seed is an almost certain death sentence.
by Cryogen Glacien November 24, 2003
One of the four main characters of RSPK. Sylvane is a water/wind hybrid who can use the mysterious seventh element: Lunar magic. She is beautiful and kind, but somewhat aloof and not very social compared to most. She feels a deep-seated compassion for Cryogen, who is a childhood friend of hers and will eventually become her lover. Her psychic powers are very strong, and she knows the inner workings of the heart and mind. She's also very intelligent, though she doesn't put it to the same uses as her mentor and best friend Meristem.

Sylvane is confused about where her Lunar powers came from; that her mother Aphros also uses Lunar magic suggests that heredity may have something to do with it, but she is beginning to believe she may not be Larandan. The fact that her class changes give her radically new bodies seems to support this, though she's hardly the only character this happens to.

Sylvane's strongest points are her kind heart and her ability to live in harmony with the forces of nature and magic. She is strongly telepathic and a powerful magic user, and possesses a serene worldview that calms those around her. Her loving, feminine, powerful persona is exactly the thing Cryogen needs, but she worries that she will not get to him in time. She makes a brave rescue to save him from his self-made shell of ice...and from his own tormented, anguished mind.
Sylvane is probably one of the more sane characters in RSPK.
by Cryogen Glacien November 24, 2003
One of four main characters in the fan series RSPK; an ice-elemental with extremely strong psychic powers and a mental link to Matthew, the game's protagonist. He's withdrawn and extremely quiet, and as his name implies, very cold. Cryogen has been likened to Squall by some, though he doesn't act like a jerk to keep people away; he simply avoids them. Deep down, though, he is very lonely and wishes more than anything to have a girlfriend he can feel safe with.

Sylvane, his only friend, eventually thaws his frozen heart...but not before he pulls a stunt which comes close to permanently disrupting the climate of Laranda (their home planet). In a fit of despair and self-hatred, he tries to encase himself permanently in ice, inadvertently creating a huge polar ice cap (which Laranda is not supposed to have). Even Pyra's powerful fire magic can't get through the barrier, but Sylvane's telepathy allows her to enter his mind in a sort of virtual-reality sense. She manages to bring him out of his frozen shell (both literally and metaphorically), and while he'll always be a loner, she'll make sure he's not alone anymore...
Cryogen got very lucky...if it weren't for Sylvane he'd still be frozen in his own icy prison.
by Cryogen Glacien November 24, 2003

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