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To explode.

Used satirically in a Strong Bad E-mail as an example of poor Japanese to English vide ogame translation.
Strong Bad's head: Your head a splode!
by Crovax of 404 December 19, 2004
A symbol which is a combination of a question mark (?) and an exclamation point (!), used to end sentences which are both exclamations and questions.
The Red Sox came back and beat the Yankees(interrobang)
by Crovax of 404 January 19, 2005
A site that offered a free PS2 om exchange for referring other people and doing offers. Like 99% of other such sites, it didn't deliver and eventually disappeared. Now the domain leads to a travel site.
wtf I got 400 friends and acquired six small businesses but I still didn't get my PS2 yet
by Crovax of 404 March 19, 2005
The awesomest Error that ever graced this land. He is annoyed by other n00bs that try to steal his thunder by using his username, however he does have an egomaniac complex.
w00t! Crovax is in da hizzouse, yo!
by Crovax of 404 March 13, 2004
Poop, i.e. feces (What comes out the back)
That's nasty, there's cacho all over the place.
by Crovax of 404 March 17, 2004
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