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A country that didn't have a single preemtive plan for an attack on the USA. The USA had dozens of plans to attack the USSR. Now, who's the evil empire?

Not the same thing as Russia.

To the bigoted asshole who posted the "shity,but slightly intimidating" bit: Why do you think Reagan was so eager to sign an arms reduction treaty? He was terrified of the ss18 missiles. Slightly intimidating my ass.

The nation that:
Built first peaceful nuclear installation in the world.
Sent the first man into space.
Landed the first probes on Mars, Venus and the moon.
Sent the first woman into space. 20 years before Sally Ride.
Build the first successful spacestation.
Did just about everything in space first, except for landing on the moon.
Defeated Nazi Germany. Seriously now, 7 out of 10 german units, and about 9/10 ss units was on the Eastern front, not at Normandy. No insult intended, its the truth.

And yes
It is also the nation that fucked up in Afghanistan, an
Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. Sorry.
he USSR was inefficient, and the government was a bit heavy-handed, but if you think it was evil, or that its collapse was a good thing, you are an idiot, just ask <b> anyone who has actually lived there</b>.
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by Crocodilicus Pontificus October 11, 2005
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