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21 definitions by CritterGetter

Simply refers to a cleft chin. This may also be accompanied by pouty lips.
Her/his facial features included an accentuated cum dribbler.
by CritterGetter September 07, 2007
Proper name for a person that uses nasally ingested recreational drugs.

also see snuffy
The Snufaluffagus can sure snort up his/her share of the party favors, man !

When it come to doing lines The Snufaluffagus is king/queen.
by CritterGetter August 24, 2007
(noun)( Buhb-bah Bib-ew-lets ) Refers to man with overly large male breasts with grotesquely oversized nipples.( Generally belonging to large sweaty, incarcerated, inbred man most likely of Haitian extraction.)

YO ! Bubba Bibulets ! Put on a shirt on before I have to gouge my eyes out !

Did you check the nipples on Bubba Bibulets over there ?
by CritterGetter September 07, 2007
This is word fusion that takes the words hippy and gangster to discribe those dreadlocked, baggy clothed, shabby, dirty, spin dancing folks that are deeply involved in drug and Grateful Dead culture, but not wanting to completely isolate themselves from modern culture, use gansta speak as their primary form of commuication.
Girl 1: Billy is such a fucking hangster ! When I brushed by him at their house he jumps up yellin' "Yo, yo, yo ! U be scetchin' my dreads ! Doan may me spin dance ova dare n git awl Rainbow Bear on yo ass !" then he says
"Now row me up 'n-otha one ah dose blunts wit dat fine ass cronic !" Whats up with that ?
Girl 2: Yeah! I don't know. Isn't he from like rural Vermont ? Like Manchester or Bromley or some-thing ???
by CritterGetter October 14, 2007
Fictitious substance that makes light of the way some office personnel can be so intellectually lacking while being so self-righteously believing themselves to be of a superior intellect to others outside the office environment.
The memo from product development to manufacturing indicating the resolve of a problem that never existed reeks of office crack.
by CritterGetter September 07, 2007
This is a compound word abbreviation representative of a noun meaning
"Worthless Piece of Shit".
Pronounced whoo-pus
(1st. person) Man, I can't beleive that WPOS Tommy'O can hold down his job through meerly kissing ass and deverting blame onto others !
(2nd.person) Yep, he's a real WPOS alright !
by CritterGetter May 31, 2008
This phrase was brought about in the time of debates over "Universal Health Care" and the way people behaved in the face of differing opinions.
It means to disagree vehemently, to aggressively object,

to show outrage at another opinion

and to get all up in ones face about it
That ignorant S O B !, I all most had to go all town meeting on his ass !

I'll town meeting your every word unless you start making sense !
by CritterGetter September 01, 2009