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Also known as Thanksgiving. The process of greedy retailers moving their formerly Black Friday sales to late Thanksgiving night to sell their useless Christmas Junk.

These greedy money tycoons are using the customers as the premise of ruining one greatest American traditions by telling us we would rather stay up late and shop on the Holiday, than get up early early and shop the next day.

Requiring employees of said institutions to miss out on family gatherings and football, to go chase some corporate fatcat's almighty bottom line
Dad: Why are you crying honey, dinner was perfect.
Mom: I am crying cause Dan missed his first Thanksgiving dinner ever, cause that stupid money-grubbing corporation turned Black Friday into Black Thursday.
by Crimson X November 21, 2011
Sports Fans who only cheer for or pay attention to a team when they are winning. Usually likes to be on the winning side of the coin. Usually looked down upon by serious fans.
Tony: "I thought you were a Florida Fan?"
Rob: "I was last year but I think this year Alabama is winning and I have always kinda liked them a little better"
Tony: "I didn't know you were such Fairweather Johnson, you suck."
by Crimson X October 17, 2010
Synonym for the vagina . Used primarily by older men in rural areas of the south.
Hey baby, why don't you come over tonight and give me some of that jiggle puddin'?
by Crimson X September 23, 2010
Placing a friend on "hide" in your facebook news feed. In essence not being able to read every little thing happening within their personal bubble.

Simply put...you can secret delete someone you would like to delete from your friendlist, but don't want to go through the agonizing experience of having to explain it to them.
Jim: Hey, Joe...did you read what that moron Dave posted as his Facebook status last night? Simply the dumbest thing I have ever read.

Joe: No, I've had him on secret delete for a couple weeks now. He is such a feedclogger If I didn't work with him I would have deleted him completely.
by Crimson X December 04, 2010

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