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87 definitions by CremeDeLaGherkin

When a woman accidentally farts during intercourse. Not to be confused with a pussy fart, this is an actual flatulent fart.
My girlfriend let out a puffer last night and we had to stop fucking because she couldn't stop laughing about it. She was very embarrassed.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
9 19
what everyone calls a local pizza place in waterloo, ontario, canada.....the pizza places is actually called Twice The Deal Pizza, but we call it Twice The Wop....even though they are not italian.....a better name for it would be Twice The Paki.
call twice the wop i want to get the godzilla deal!

you always have to tip the delivery dude when you get pizza through twice the wop or your next pizza will have spit on it.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
9 22
a regular pair of scissors that can be used for anything.
hey pass me that kike spike i need something to chop up this dope.

my kike spike is very sharp.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
6 22
a heavy user of cocaine.....often injects into veins.
he's become such a cheesehead he hasn't slept in months.

she was a cheesehead in high school.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 10, 2008
8 34
the act of giving a blowjob to a man while he is defecating.
A hot karl is a very stinky hummer.

When we told her about what a hot karl is she seemed unphased as if she had done it before.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 20, 2008
4 36
The worst word in all of mankind. Right up there with oldschool.
Stop saying hardcore you fucking emo!

Hardcore is a terrible word.

Most people who say the word hardcore don't use it properly anyway.

Stop using the word hardcore and stop using the word oldschool. They are the worst slang terms to have ever been invented. Instead of saying oldschool say retro.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 21, 2008
14 47
see mullet.
Wow, that's some ugly looking hockey hair!
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
20 55